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DER ordering - all year!

Did you know. . . MISBO's order portal NEVER closes. You can order all year long. And, what's great, is we'll get the best prorated pricing for you if you purchase partway through the year! 

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MISBO has created a quick and easy way to view your Digital Educational Resource partners! Click the image below and see which partners you may be missing out on! 


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Consortium Hot Topics blog

AI can help schools save 14 out of every 100 gallons of wasted water

By Bryan Tedford, InsureTEK

" . . .  and avoid catastrophic water damage to their buildings.

New advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are opening up new ways to conserve one of our oldest and most precious resources: water."

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Consortium Highlights

Native American Heritage Month

FactCite databases support student research on and celebration of Native American History.

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Create Festive Movie Events with Swank's Holiday Toolkit

Winter is here, and with your Swank annual license you can easily plan exciting holiday events at your school. Click below to access Swank's FREE Holiday Toolkit that is full off festive programming ideas for favorite holiday films such as: "Elf," "The Polar Express," "Frozen" and more!

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Training and Support: Always Available 

Getting the most out of your TeachingBooks license has never been easier! With the goal of enriching each reader's experience with books, TeachingBooks is here to assist. 

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46 New Articles

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MISBO Blog by Susan

Let's Play a word association game

by Susan Kimmel

Happy November! Let's start the month off with a little word association game!

Don't think about it ... just answer with the first thing that comes to your mind when I say: 

"Your School's Business Office .........."

Did you think...

  • Mysterious Budget Formulas – are they some sort of Excel masterminds over there?
  • The Mythical Receipt Unicorn – what do they do with all those receipts?
  • The Budgetary Wizard – do you love how they can wave a wand and work their magic to get you what you need from a seemingly depleted budget?
  • Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee – 'nuff said!

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A school’s purchasing program should be grounded in the tenets of the school’s mission and values. For over 40 years MISBO has built the most complete consortium that exists with a foundation dedicated exclusively to independent schools. Through this network, we continue the tradition of finding solutions to today’s problems and anticipating tomorrow’s needs. 

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