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 ** check your email from Team MISBO for the password or contact Amelia Daul.

For all MISBO Consortium Partners 

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A Look Ahead

Please send any promotional and marketing information for distribution to our schools to Amelia Daul.

Promotional materials can include but are not limited to:  videos, white papers, special/promotional flyers, and new product/service offerings.  Please see below for additional marketing specifications.

MISBO Marketing Specifications


All the Things We LOVE: Pick a product, product line, or service our schools will love that your company offers. Tell us about it and why you love it.

Email Susan!

Send Amelia your promotion materials by March 14, 2024 so that we can make sure to get your products and services

promoted in the March 2024 Fun With Purchasing Blog. 


Schedule a time to chat with us!

We love our partners and are always happy to chat! This link will create a zoom link and calendar invite - so jump on our calendars!


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MISBO Webinar opportunities

Interested in presenting a MISBO webinar? Submit a proposal for your educational session here: 

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MISBO Consortium Hot Topics Blog 
Guest Blogger opportunities


As part of MISBO’s ongoing efforts to engage members and consortium partners, MISBO will be opening up our Purchasing Consortium blog space to our consortium partners to be Guest Bloggers. At MISBO we believe that our consortium partners are the best resources for our member schools. We want to provide plenty of opportunities to get your knowledge and expertise in front of our members. . .

Guest Blogger Guidelines

See the Blog

Please contact Amelia Daul for additional information or questions!

MISBO Consortium Partner Logo

** check your email from Team MISBO for the password or contact Amelia Daul.

Please use the logo below for promotional materials:  

MISBO Consortium Partner Logo

I'm a new Consortium partner - now what?

Once MISBO receives your signed contract, we will start the new Partner On-boarding Process. We want you to feel comfortable and supported as a MISBO partner. The on-boarding process looks something like this:

  1. We will schedule a meeting with key players from your company to meet Dianne Sagaas, MISBO Director of Professional Development, and Amelia Daul, Consortium Manager. This brief but beneficial meeting will help show you all the different ways you can interact and get exposure to our members. 
  2. We will schedule your introductory MISBO Partner Webinar or Video Interview with Susan Kimmel. If you are a digital resources partner, please contact Amelia Daul to schedule your webinar. This webinar will be hosted by MISBO and registration information will be gathered and shared with you - your first warm leads from our members! We will also record the session, feature it on your password-protected partner web page and promote it to our members.
  3. MISBO will send out a New Consortium Partner announcement to our members, with a link to register for your webinar. 
  4. We will schedule a strategy call to talk about what success will look like for you, and how MISBO can help you achieve that success!
  5. Send additional promotional material to Amelia Daul. This promotional material will be highlighted on your password-protected page and affinity group web pages. We encourage you to send us information monthly to promote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a proposal for the MISBO Webinar Series?

MISBO is accepting presentation proposals for future series. Please contact Dianne Sagaas for dates and additional information. If you have questions regarding our webinar series, contact Dianne at 404.921.3812.

Can I host my own sales webinar?

You can host your own sales webinar and MISBO will communicate it through our normal channels. 

Why aren't email addresses on the monthly contact spreadsheet?

At MISBO we have over 120 consortium partners and almost 3,000 school contacts. And, while we love our partners, it would not be beneficial to our members or YOU if our school contacts received mass emails from all of our vendors. If you have specifically targeted marketing for a group of schools, please contact Susan and we can help you figure out the best way to reach them.

Where can I find the MISBO Consortium Partner Logo to co-brand my promotional material?

Click here to view and download:

MISBO Consortium Partner Logo

 ** contact Amelia Daul for the current password 

Who To Contact

Susan Kimmel
Susan Kimmel
Director of the Purchasing Consortium MISBO (404)920-8844
Director of the Purchasing Consortium
Jean Horn
Jean Horn
Accounting Manager MISBO (404)921-3815
Accounting Manager
Amelia Daul
Amelia Daul
Consortium Manager MISBO (404)921-3813
Consortium Manager
Akshay Anikhindi
Akshay Anikhindi
Technology Manager MISBO (404)921-3814
Technology Manager