Hit Me with Your Best Shot: What do Sports, Indy Schools, & Cooperative Purchasing have in Common?

Posted By: Susan Kimmel Fun With Purchasing,

By Susan Kimmel, Director of the Purchasing Consortium

Hello loyal readers! Thanks for tuning in again to your monthly MISBO Fun with Purchasing Blog post! This month, we will dive into the mysterious connections between sports, independent schools, and cooperative purchasing. While at first glance it may appear these three things don't have anything in common, I challenge you to read on and see how much we are the same! 

#1: Gooooooooooo Team!

Cheering for a common goal instills a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Similar to the teamwork of a sports organization, an independent school’s various departments work together to achieve the school’s mission. And likewise, at MISBO, our purchasing consortium works together with our partners to help you achieve your goals through fantastic products, services, and savings!

#2: We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ‘bout you?

Rivalry and competition, in healthy doses, allow athletes, indy schools, and our consortium to operate in peak performance! When you're vying for that top spot, the pressure cooker of competition forces you to dig deep, push your limits, and discover strengths you didn't know you had, whether you are on the court, at your desk, or searching for the best prices!

#3: Resilience: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger 

Making it to the "big game", managing a multi-million dollar budget, negotiating the best deals on your behalf all take strength, resilience, and a strong drive to succeed! Together we can help YOU continue to serve the vision of your school. 

At MISBO our Consortium Partners are our team members. We trust them, believe in them, and know they are on our side. So, go ahead, and Hit Them with Your Best Shot! They are part of the collective team, and have provided innovative, quality products and services just for our members! Check out the latest from these colleagues:

Winter Sports Equipment to fuel your run through the post-season. Easy online ordering, and a great equipment checklist for your school’s needs!You need winter sports equipment to fuel your run through the post-season. Easy online ordering, and a great equipment checklist for your school’s needs!

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logo, company nameScore a touchdown when you rent a 15-passenger MFSAB Bus that meets all federal motor vehicle safety standards for transporting students, from Busmax Rent-A-Bus

Let’s face it, finding a CDL-licensed driver is virtually impossible these days. Our 15-passenger Activity buses don’t require a special license. We also rent 25, 33, and 44 -44-passenger buses and even offer delivery throughout the United States. Renting our current model buses for the school term versus owning your own fleet helps to eliminate high maintenance costs and depreciation loss. That’s a winning combination! Get in the game with Busmax, because “Big or Small, We’ve Got ‘Em All!” Call 678-410-4890 for more information.


Use Collaborative Competition to Boost Reading Culture 

Fostering a love for reading among students in today's media-driven world can seem like an impossible task. However, educators can transform independent reading into an engaging and enjoyable activity by incorporating gamification research and drawing insights from reading pioneers. Read on to discover the innovative approach implemented by Charleston County School District to motivate students through healthy competition and public recognition of student achievements. Don't worry, even though they're a school district they offer practical techniques that can be implemented in your own school or classroom. 

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POST-SEASON: the right time to think about maintenance for your synthetic turf field!

Advanced Sports Group - POST-SEASON: the right time to consider maintenance for your synthetic turf field!

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textAchieve More: Teach Smart, Live Fully!

Elevate your teaching game with Tappy! Our innovative tools are the secret playbook for educators seeking a balance between classroom success and personal fulfillment. With just a tap, differentiate instruction, have your essays graded, and free up valuable time. It’s your time to shine in the classroom and beyond. Ready, set, balance with Tappy! Learn more on the MISBO Digital Educational Resources portal. For questions, please contact Amelia Daul at ameliadaul@misbo.com

a red letter with white textWell-designed Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities go beyond the weight room to address a mix of academic and social spaces in support of student-athletes. A typical day for a student-athlete includes classes, studying, team meetings, training and practice. That's why a superior athletic facility can be a big draw for recruits as well as coaching staff.
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ABCs, I-2-3s and AEDs

Be Ready™ for sudden cardiac arrest on and off the field with first aid, CPR and AED training from Cintas. To learn more, visit this LINK 

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handwritingDesign, Build, Play

Named after the KorKat owner’s daughters Korin and Katie, they have grown since 2003 to be one of the largest distributors in the Southeast. KORKAT is focused on Your Play as Our Work. We are one of the Southeast’s largest suppliers of playground equipment, site amenities, specialty surfacing, shade structures, picnic shelters, picnic pavilions, water slides, splash pads, athletic equipment, and more! 

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logo, company nameFactCite asks “Who’s the GOAT?”

The editors of FactCite’s Sports Champions database have chosen GOATS! Do your students agree with FactCite editors’ choices of the top 10? Spark debate among sports fans at your school! 
(MISBO partner FactCite is a collection of original-content databases written for students. FactCite is great for research – but why not send students to FactCite for browsing? If your school is not a subscriber to FactCite’s Sports Champions database with profiles of 800 champions in 40+ sports, request a trial now.  Learn more on the MISBO Digital Educational Resources portal. For questions, please contact Amelia Daul at ameliadaul@misbo.com

logo, company name

Do Ipads and Athletics go together? Yes!

Did you know that Evergreen Electronics offers iPADS? Check out the Evergreen Electronics blog today to see how iPADS fit in perfectly for your athletic department. Receive a 3-year warranty included for MISBO members on every order!

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Unleash Your Athletic Potential with Samson Tours, Inc.

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level? Look no further than Samson Tours, Inc. With over 30 years of experience in providing luxury bus charter services, Samson Tours is dedicated to helping athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sports teams reach their full potential. Whether you're looking for transportation solutions for your next event, shuttle services for your team, or a reliable partner for special occasions, Samson Tours has got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the various services offered by Samson Tours, their top-of-the-line fleet, and how they prioritize safety. Get ready to unleash your inner champion and hit the ground running with Samson Tours!

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Got Esports?

Your school could be missing out on a chance to engage otherwise unengaged groups of students who have a common interest in esports and gaming! What does that look like? Over $16 M in scholarship money awarded to each from 200+ university and colleges with Esports programs, and More!
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logo, company name

Esports in School: College Football Playoff Foundation Teams Up With School Specialty to Build Esports Arena at Morningside High School

School Specialty continues its commitment to Transform More Than Classrooms through a longstanding relationship with the College Football Playoff Foundation (CFPF). As Georgia and TCU prepare for the College Football Playoff National Championship at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, CFPF and School Specialty were at Morningside High School in Inglewood unveiling a brand new state-of-the-art eSports Lab to benefit students in the area.

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Home Depot – there’s more than one way to go Pro (video)

There’s more than one way to go Pro (video)

logo, company nameEliminate Violations with UserWay

Fixes your code. Adapts to your users.

With a full suite of 100+ AI-powered accessibility tools, integrations on 20+ platforms, and support for 50+ languages, the Widget powers the accessible web. Get free live installation support.

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Susan Kimmel

Director of the Purchasing Consortium

Susan curates the MISBO Purchasing Consortium by maintaining and enhancing current partner relationships and pursuing new partnerships based on the needs of our members. Susan educates on and informs members of the benefits of utilizing the MISBO Purchasing Consortium. She facilitates communications with partners concerning contracts and product offerings and assists in providing optimal partner exposure. Susan has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an MBA with an emphasis in MIS, and a certificate in Social Media Marketing. In her spare time, Susan is a mom to 4 grown kids, Gigi to three, a personal growth junkie, crochet hobbyist, travel enthusiast, dog lover ... cat tolerator, DIY wanna-be, outdoorsy-ish, and an occasional binge watcher.

MISBO is here to help you find great products and services at great prices! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, need help finding a partner to fill your needs, have recommendations, or just want to talk about purchasing! 

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