On-Campus Workshops


MISBO President Damian Kavanagh has facilitated retreats and workshops for hundreds of schools, volunteer leaders, and non-profit professionals. He is available to visit your campus and conduct on-site workshops, keynote presentations, back to school convocations, etc. for your board, administrative team, faculty/staff, or other segments of your school community.

Presentations and workshops vary from 60 minutes to about three hours in length, and can be adjusted based on your needs including multi-day retreats or multiple shorter visits over the course of a semester or year. All workshops are highly interactive.

The workshop fee is $2,500 ($1,000 for members) and includes travel, materials, pre-workshop preparation and post-workshop follow up. If an overnight stay is required (generally if your workshop is scheduled early in the morning or later in the evening), you will be responsible for accommodations, which will be billed separately.


General topics:


  • Trustee Basic Training: appropriate for new trustees, trustees new to independent school or non-profit governance; for boards needing a refresher in basics of governance or for boards looking for assistance in initiating a program of study; good for board orientation retreats in August or January.
  • Trustee Advanced Training: for the board transforming from operational to aspirational and working in partnership with the head towards strategic and innovative goals and assessments. A closer look at more nuanced areas and their alignment with the school’s values.
  • Trustee Custom Training: topics of a school’s choosing usually paired with one or more elements of the basic or advanced training. Suggested topics include strategic planning, head and board performance assessments, uses of data and dashboards to inform decision-making, fundraising activities and data, board succession and continuity, brain science and the evolving landscape of governance, sustainability and the digital reality, school transformations.
  • Bylaws and board policy manual review is included in all trustee workshops


  • Working Together: Becoming a high functioning team takes work. Distributed leadership provides a lens to understand silos and structures of interaction, shared beliefs, trust, understanding, performance, and group accountability. Designed for the head’s leadership team, academic department chairs, operational directors, and other groups who work together to achieve the school’s mission.
  • Brain Science and Pedagogy: An interactive workshop designed to kick-start conversation around transformational teaching and the systems needed to support it. Appropriate for operational staff who need a primer on the current and emerging educational landscape, parent or volunteer groups interested in learning more about how learning works, or educators integrating recent discoveries into their classrooms. This workshop provides a deeper dive into the history and future of education in light of some of the most recent disruptions.
  • Other Custom topics: Contact Damian directly if you have something in mind that you think your community would benefit from.

PROJECTS - contact Damian directly for information and pricing - most do not have a charge for members unless there is extensive work involved (damian@misbo.com)

  • Salary and benefits comparisons - executive compensation and other positions 
  • Custom analysis tool creation - click here for sample 1, click here for sample 2
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Accreditaion assistance


Upon submission of the request form, we will contact you to discuss details and logistics. Feel free to contact Damian directly (damiankavanagh@misbo.com, 404-918-8850) to discuss the specifics of your needs and topic(s) requested.