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At MISBO we believe our Consortium Partners are a valuable resource to our schools, not only providing outstanding pricing but also providing industry expertise and knowledge. These Consortium Partner webinars provide members with an opportunity to learn in-depth about the products and services our partners provide and to connect and build a relationship with our partners. Below is a list of upcoming Consortium Partner webinars.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024  |  11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)

Supporting Information Literacy in your classroom and library
Ensure your district has trusted resources for students to gain context and background on key issues and events. Pique student curiosity with the trusted and engaging brand of The World Almanac for younger students and ensuring your higher level students are building research and information literacy, news literacy and digital literacy skills for college, career and beyond. Discover assets to enhance your curriculum by searching for your topic and embed the resources in your content or learning management system or provide students with access for enhanced research and inquiry. Products include Credo Source (High School), World New Digest (High School), World Almanac for Kids (Middle School), World Almanac for Kids (Elementary), and Issues & Controversies (High School).



Tappy: Learn How To Bring Additional Value To Your Educators! 

During this Coffee Talk Tappy discussed: 

  • Curriculum Development and Resource Recommendation: Helping review curriculum and suggesting relevant resources that align to the topics, improving student engagement and saving teachers time.
  • Customized Learning Materials: Creating personalized learning materials for students based on learning styles and content knowledge which improves engagement.
  • Essay Grading: Saving teachers time by grading essays and improving feedback time to students so they get additional writing practice.

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Capstone: Reading Instruction - At The Forefront of Educational Policy Making

During this Coffee Talk Capstone discussed how reading instruction as at the forefront of educational policy making. The Science of Reading is an amazing compilation of research that helps us understand how students acquire written language and best practices surrounding it. While phonics is at the forefront of the changes, Science of Reading tells us that we need to continue building vocabulary, background knowledge, and providing students with texts of appropriate rigor. Join this session to learn how to use digital tools like PebbleGo and Capstone Connect to help students diversify their content knowledge, enrich their lexicon, and have access to intuitive scaffolds to build comprehension skills with grade level text.

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a white symbol on a red backgroundProQuest: eLibrary Resource

During this Coffee Talk ProQuest showed us how amazing their eLibrary resource is!

eLibrary is ProQuest’s general reference research solution, delivering one of the largest collections of periodical and digital media content editorially selected to support novice researchers.

You do not want to miss this replay! 

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SchoolJoy: Personalized learning at scale: where are we today and where can we be in 12 months?

During this session, we explored ways school systems are using SchoolJoy to support competency-based learning and automate skills tracking. We will also explore the technologies that are available to us today that will enable truly personalized and differentiated learning for every student, as well as the challenges that still need to be overcome for personalized learning to be accessible to and trusted by every student and school system.

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Thursday, March 14, 2024  | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)TeachingBooks

Learn how you can easily enrich your entire collection with digital content that fosters a love of reading, supports curricular and instructional goals, and helps you respond to diverse student needs and interests.

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Join us for a Coffee Talk with Beanstack to learn how, instead of a quiz-based approach, schools are using community-wide reading challenges and gamification to motivate students to read. The flagship product of Zoobean Inc., Beanstack is licensed by 6,000+ schools worldwide.

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a blue and white logoFactCite

Join FactCite's Co-Founder Susan Gall to hear about FactCite's accessbility features, citations (and integration with NoodleTools), and teaching resources. Participants will receive Poetry Month (April) resources!

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Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z has recently aligned our Raz-Plus resources with Scarborough’s Reading Rope.  Erin will review this Reading Rope and demonstrate how this interactive platform can help teachers access appropriate resources quickly. 

This is a tremendous benefit for many teachers, particularly those who incorporate the Science of Reading in their classrooms.

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2023 was quite a busy year for Springshare! We’ve added a lot of new features and functionality to our products and are excited to share a recap of all this great development with the MISBO community.

This session is perfect for librarians looking to learn about new features as well as anyone investigating Springshare for the first time!

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ScootPad by Learning Explorer

Come meet New MISBO Consortium Partner, Learning Explorer and their adaptive learning platform, ScootPad. ScootPad meets students exactly where they are with the right level of practice, instruction, scaffolding, and assessments to ensure they master every concept. ScootPad automatically detects knowledge gaps in real-time and scaffold learning to prerequisite skills (at or below grade level) to help each student catch up on what they need to move ahead.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024  |  11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)BrainPOP

This 30-minute coffee talk focuses on what's coming to BrainPOP for Back-to-School 2024.

BrainPOP also share several "Did You Know?" activities and strategies for using BrainPOP in K-8 classrooms.

Watch the replay to see what's coming to BrainPOP.

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