Your Multi-Tasking Floors: Meeting the Challenges of Education During a Pandemic

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by Robbie Plett, Facility Armor

Social distancing – it may be near impossible to keep children 6 feet away from their friends, but if you prepare the right environment for them, it will be much easier.

Putting fewer students at a table and spacing desks further apart will do it, but do you have the space for that? Will you need to extend your classrooms into cafeterias, gymnasiums, or multi-purpose spaces?

Hold up! Do you know how much you spent on that gym floor? Beautiful wood floors that donors and fundraisers worked months or years to furnish for the school may be in jeopardy when they begin to see traffic and use that is outside of the ordinary! How can you preserve them and still maintain their high functionality?  The answer- Gym Floor Covers. 

Using a Gym Floor Cover System will provide the following benefits:

  1. Reduced wear and tear of your floor and the floor finish
  2. A more comfortable environment for the students and faculty with better acoustic qualities and aesthetics (It will feel like a classroom and not a gym)
  3. Easier clean-up
  4. Quick transition from math class to gym class


You have several options based on your long-term goals and usage, as well as budget. If investing in a tile product, make sure it:

  • Provides antimicrobial protection
  • Is versatile (allowing different configurations)
  • Is durable and stain resistant; easy to clean, vacuum, and extract
  • Are lightweight and easy to store
  • Appear like, and have the acoustical properties of, carpet
  • Resistant to slips and have a low profile
  • Bonuses include sustainability, fire rating, and warranty


If investing in a roll product, look for:

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Fast and easy installation with customizable lengths
  • Easy to store, lightweight, and durable
  • Acoustical properties of carpet
  • Easy to clean
  • Sustainable products with fire rating and warranty


With the right accessories and storage solutions in place, these floor protection systems will be safe for your floor AND safe for your students and staff.


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