COVID-19 and Visitor Procedures

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COVID-19 and Visitor Procedures 

by Visitu

While most schools and districts around the country are closed until further notice, many employees continue to provide services and help with additional response efforts, such as providing essential meals and homework delivery to families in their community. In some circumstances, interactions with vendors, contractors, and volunteers must continue to take place. 

We know protecting the well-being of your campus remains your top priority, and we want to help support you in minimizing the exposure of COVID-19 to your school.

Here are some suggested procedures to adopt to help keep your campus safe:

  • Limit nonessential visitors. Communicate to parents and other visitors that they should avoid coming to the campus unless absolutely necessary.
  • In the event that a visitor must enter your building, request that they use hand sanitizer immediately upon entry.
  • Screen all visitors and gather information on whether they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, are displaying symptoms such as a fever or dry cough, have actually been diagnosed themselves, or have recently traveled to high-risk countries
  • Provide EPA-registered disposable wipes to teachers, staff and employees.
  • Clean surfaces that are frequently touched, such as door handles, reception desk, and electronics.


Relying on trusted sources of information, like the CDC, is important in this time of crisis and information overload. The CDC has published some great interim guidance for administrators of US K-12 schools and childcare programs.

The following decision tree can help all schools, regardless of community spread, determine which set of mitigation strategies may be most appropriate for their current situation.

Visitu, a leader in school safety and security, helps schools and districts throughout the country secure their campuses and keep staff and students safe through innovative visitor management, student monitoring and tracking and critical emergency management solutions. Made up of current and former educators, teachers and experienced technology professionals, Visitu is dedicated to providing software that is easy to implement, simple to use and flexible to support your campus security initiatives. 

Working together, we can help to keep your employees and campuses safe. For more information on how Visitu can help your school with your visitor procedures and screen visitors at the door, please contact us at 813.591.4800 or schedule a demo today