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By Susan Kimmel, Director of the Purchasing Consortium

Ahhh…February! The month of love! And groundhogs and this year, leap days! While modern-day Valentine’s Day is typically a marketer's paradise, the origin of this day actually dates back to around 500 AD when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day. (Check out this fun article about Valentine’s Day to learn more fun tidbits.)

Right now, you can’t walk into a store without being inundated with pink and red hearts, flowers, and foil-wrapped candy. All things I love. And, you know what else I love? Our MISBO Buyer's Guide. It’s time to get PUMPED friends because the 2024 MISBO Buyers Guide is currently being printed, postmarked, and labeled with your name and address! Watch your school mailbox for your printed copy to arrive within the next two weeks. I promise you will feel like you just received a dozen roses! 

Here's another thing I love – receiving your recommendations for the purchasing consortium! And we have just made it super easy for you to recommend your favorite vendors to be considered for the purchasing consortium. Here’s a quick link to recommend partners you love:


You can also find this link on under the Purchasing Consortium drop down menu!

And last, but certainly not least, I love our MISBO Consortium Partners! Not only are they working tirelessly to provide you top-notch products and services, at amazing pricing, but they are also committed to being a resource for you, our members. Check out these partners and find out what they love, which you might love as well!

Educational Collaborators

We love empowering educational thought leadership!

A Virtual Learning Experience for Education Leaders

Prepare for a dynamic two-day experience with invaluable expertise, actionable concepts, and cutting-edge revelations. Join us on February 23 and February 24 from 12 PM - 4:00 PM EST as Educational Collaborators brings together the foremost innovators to tackle the pressing challenges facing school leaders today. 

PROMO Code:MISBO24 for 50% off.



Lakeshore Learning Materials

We love our 2024 New Flex Space Furniture!

With flexible seating and mobile furniture that easily reconfigures, Flex-Space supports today's K-12 Learning spaces.

Lakeshore is proud to offer a free eProcurement website. Lakeshore has the capability of creating a custom e-Procurement website for MISBO members, with separate user logins and passwords, with no limit of users. They can also customize their e-Procurement website to limit purchases to just Classroom Furniture. Terms such as discount, free shipping, and tax exemption are built right into the site, so you always receive contract pricing. Additionally, orders can be placed online at, over the phone by calling 800.778.4456. Identify yourself as a MISBO member.

Learn more


We love getting the most out of MackinVIA!

Mackin has the joy of working with educators, librarians, and media specialists all over the country who are using MackinVIA’s digital resources in powerful and innovative ways. These experts share many common approaches when it comes to successfully promoting and maintaining their digital libraries. If you’re looking for ways to increase eMedia usage in your school or district, consider these best practices:



We love leveraging automation for enhanced AP reporting!

Effective Accounts Payable (AP) reporting is pivotal for data-focused financial management, yet it often gets neglected. Learn how automation empowers comprehensive reporting, and liberates employees from tedious manual work. 

Interested schools can contact Paymerang’s Account Executive, Kenan Korfez at 804.373.3183 or email at to set up a demo of the program and learn more about the impact Paymerang can have on your school.


Ward’s Science

We love heartfelt science!

Check out Ward's Science's simulated pathologies, various preservation techniques including fresh, various animal hearts. 

Orders can be placed by phone (800.962.2660), fax (800.635.8439), email ( or online ( When placing orders please reference Ward's Science MISBO contract number MISBO-CT. Please call customer service at 800.962.2660 to set up a new account, if needed. Questions regarding your MISBO discount or setting up an online account can be directed to Karol Stephens at or Mark Tringali at



We love MISBO schools!

When it comes to MISBO Customers, BusMax puts the love into bus rental and leasing. They do it because they truly appreciate their customers. Without their customers, BusMax would not be in business for the past 49 years. Being a family-owned and operated business helps us to be more attentive to their customers’ needs, to never lose sight of scheduled equipment maintenance, and to respond quickly to customer needs. They deliver buses on time and keep in contact with the customers to ensure everything is good with their rentals. They are proud to say that we’ve been a MISBO Partner for almost 13 years, and the relationships they have built with their MISBO customers is something that they cherish. Come join the Busmax Family of MISBO Schools! Meryl Healy | | 678.410.4890

ProLogic ITS

All the things we LOVE about Cyber Security!

  1. Enhancing data security and improving ransomware protection
  2. Reducing reliance on costly, on-premises storage
  3. Cutting data recovery time from days to minutes
  4. Facilitating cybersecurity insurance renewals

To get engaged with your local account executive, please contact the Director of Sales, Julie McCarty or 866.923.0513.

Read this Independent Private School Case Study


We love developing a student's lifelong love for reading with Reading Culture!

Watch budding readers blossom as you grow a strong reading culture in your school. From giving students autonomy to being competitive and incentivizing students with rewards, here are nine tips to foster a love for reading in all students.

For current pricing and sales, please go to



We love our Loop mobile app!

Loop is designed to optimize your existing workflow by integrating with your current technologies, including your SIS and LMS. By leveraging this integration, schools gain access to a suite of powerful tools to improve communication, automate routine tasks, and generate actionable insights.  

See a demo, or get more info by contacting:

 Luke Wiseman | | 901.592.7072


We love making the most of your campus!

Thanks to FMX’s user-friendly system, Newark Academy students, faculty, and surrounding community members can make the most of the campus and focus on wBhat really matters.

Please reach out to or at 844.664.4400 to speak with a representative to learn more! Please let them know you are a MISBO member!


Blick Art Materials

We love fresh, new art supplies!

All orders must reference QD20MIS to receive MISBO contract pricing. Existing and new customers may fax orders to 800.621.8293 or email Online orders may be placed at ONLY if using correct customer account # and referencing QD20MIS upon checkout. Contact Blick for correct account # before placing any online orders. For fax or emailed orders, please include billing/shipping addresses, list of Blick item #s and quantities for items ordered, PO # or payment information, as well as any special instructions. All orders subject to credit approval for net 30 terms. If not approved for open account, pre-payment will be required.

Contact: | 800.704.7744 ext 5309

CHECK this out

Equip Recycle

We LOVE R2V3 Certified Recycling of our electronic equipment!

How to get started

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Fill up the “Schedule A Free Pickup” form
Step 3: Get a confirmation message email

A Business Executive will get in touch with you within 1 business day to book a free pickup.

Contact: Chad Jordan| | 478.719.7920

Watch this video to learn more about Equip Recycle

(mp4 video)



We love valued partnerships!

Please list the contract name (E&I MISBO) on all purchase orders to CDW-G to receive the discounted pricing.

All members can call their Account Manager directly to place orders with credit cards or submit orders via P.O. If you don't know your account manager, contact Susan Kimmel at or 404.920.8844.

CDW-G Partnership



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Susan Kimmel

Director of the Purchasing Consortium

Susan curates the MISBO Purchasing Consortium by maintaining and enhancing current partner relationships and pursuing new partnerships based on the needs of our members. Susan educates on and informs members of the benefits of utilizing the MISBO Purchasing Consortium. She facilitates communications with partners concerning contracts and product offerings and assists in providing optimal partner exposure. Susan has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an MBA with an emphasis in MIS, and a certificate in Social Media Marketing. In her spare time, Susan is a mom to 4 grown kids, Gigi to three, a personal growth junkie, crochet hobbyist, travel enthusiast, dog lover ... cat tolerator, DIY wanna-be, outdoorsy-ish, and an occasional binge watcher.

MISBO is here to help you find great products and services at great prices! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, need help finding a partner to fill your needs, have recommendations, or just want to talk about purchasing! 

You can reach me at the number and e-mail above, or set up a Zoom call with me here: