Welcome to the Fun with Purchasing Blog!

Posted By: Susan Kimmel Fun With Purchasing,
Welcome to the NEW Fun with Purchasing Blog!

by Susan Kimmel, Director of the Purchasing Consortium

We are shaking it up in 2023 and working on new and innovative ways to get information into your hands about the MISBO Purchasing Consortium. We know saving money and being fiscally responsible is a top priority at your school, but we also know you are busy and, at times, stretched thin! Our goal is to get all the partner information you need to do your job and save money into your hands quickly, timely, and efficiently!

Our Fun with Purchasing blog will contain two posts each month. The first monthly post will contain educational information about specific areas your school will be interested in, such as furniture, business office tools, safety and security, and more! The second post each month will contain special promotions and marketing information directly from our partners. This post will highlight special pricing, new products and services, and new partners. 

Besides this new blog, you can expect more great things from the Purchasing Consortium, such as our consortium partner webinar series' Coffee Talks for our Digital Educational Resources and Snacks & Partner Facts for all other contracts.

Snacks & Partner Facts

Business Officers & Staff | Heads of Schools | HR Directors | Facilities Directors | Technology Directors | Auxiliary Programs | Athletic Directors and more!

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Coffee Talks

Librarians | Academic Leaders | Technology Directors

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Consortium Hot Topics 

When choosing partners to be part of the MISBO Purchasing Consortium, we want our partners to be a valuable resource for you when making purchasing decisions for your school. Our MISBO Consortium Hot Topics blog allows our partners to share their expertise with you! Check it out for recent topics such as:

Why Innovation is Important for Independent Schools

The Importance of Finding your Professional Community

Retirement Plans: Fixing Plan Mistakes and the IRS's Correction Program

As always, we are here to help you find quality products and services at exceptional prices. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, thoughts, or feedback!

Susan Kimmel

Director of the Purchasing Consortium