Let's Think About Classroom Technology

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Let’s think about Classroom Technology

by Jennifer Roeder, ProLogic ITS

Flexibility, skill, wisdom, collaboration, planning, execution, rigor, stability, data, security…

The descriptions above are a few examples of a learning ecosystem that teachers, staff, and leadership exemplify. Again, the passion for human growth and development is the primary focus.

How do we achieve all the objectives? Aside from human support, one solution lies with the help of technology.  

We are finding and engaging with technology tools to support improving learning objectives, measuring outcomes, and increasing performance.

Have the conversations. Outline the objectives and pursue due diligence of technology.

As an educator, ask, “Why is the technology being used?” Consider if the goal is to modify or supplement a specific learning task. Will the technology redefine a mission to enhance or transform a student’s learning experience? If so, the implantation of technology will benefit the student with a positive outcome. After all, the goal is to improve student-centered development.

Social use is a second consideration. Have you witnessed students enjoy engaging in collaboration on team assignments? It is noteworthy that the students actively engage with the gamification of learning tasks. The appeal for students to work in a collaborative instructional opportunity is inspired by positive reinforcements, including badges and goal rewards. Social use allows students authentic drive for collaboration and problem-solving tasks.

Lastly, do the students have access to technology that enhances the learning environment? Is sound equally distributed throughout the classroom? Can they see what is presented? Can they share information with ease to increase collaboration with peers and have feedback from the instructor? The right classroom technology allows instructors to coach and differentiate with ease to create an encompassing environment for positive student success.

Jennifer Roeder is a former elementary school teacher of six years from Cherokee County, Georgia, Special Education Certified. She spent the last five years delivering technology solutions to Georgia schools and is holistic-minded, offering a tailored approach to product selection based on each school’s instructional goals. She’s assisted countless schools with product training and the implementation of integrated classroom technology, blending pedagogy. Jennifer is an educational products specialist, a Promethean Certified Teacher, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator.

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