I'll Take Checklists for $1000!

Posted By: Susan Kimmel Fun With Purchasing,

By Susan Kimmel, Director of the Purchasing Consortium

You are just beginning the 100 days of May. The excitement and the exhaustion of the end of the year and the anticipation of summer are upon you, making every day feel like 48 hours! Well, at MISBO, we are here to help!

How would you like to:

  • Reduce cognitive load?
  • Increase focus?
  • Boost motivation?
  • Improve time management?
  • Get a dopamine hit?

Then, this article is for you! Our valuable MISBO consortium partners have created a great set of Summer Checklists for you to accomplish all of those things!

Wait a minute – how can a checklist do all of that? It’s simply a matter of science:


Reduce Cognitive Load: When we have too many things on our plate, checklists help free up valuable brain space.

Increase Focus: Checklists can help increase your focus by providing a clear plan of attack!

Boost Motivation: Checklists provide a sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to keep on trucking!

Improve your Time Management: Checklists visually represent tasks and deadlines, allowing  us to prioritize tasks and allocate our time more effectively.

Dopamine Release: When you check something off a to-do list, you activate the brain's reward center and trigger a dopamine release. And why do you want that? Dopamine is a natural response that reinforces productive behaviors and can help boost motivation and productivity!

Our partners have you covered, from playground inspections, to modernizing spaces, campus security, summer car line, and more!

Please share these with your colleagues and print out these great checklists our partners have provided to ensure your summer is productive and you are mentally in the game! 


We've also updated our 2023 Digital Buyers Guide with new partners and updated info - see link below!

Do you love your printed Buyers Guide but want the new information too? We've created a 2 page Addendum you can print out and insert into your printed guide!

Find them both here:

Buyers Guide and Addendum


For your building, classrooms, Athletic Facilities, and playgrounds

Playground Inspection Checklist 

by FMX

5 Ways to Revamp  your Classroom this Summer

by School Outfitters 

Summer Cleaning
Checklist - Floors

by Staples Facilities Services

Summer Facilities “things to do”

by Building Solutions

6 Tips to Modernize Your Spaces


5 Things to Do Before the School Year Ends

by Demco

Hardwood Flooring Care

Carpet Care

by Southeastern Paper Group

Spring Cleaning for
a Successful Fall

by Sportbiz

For safety and security

Seven Items to Improve
Campus Security

by Visitu

Summer Car Line and
Bus Boarding Checklist

by ConciergePad

9 Questions to Ask When Auditing Your School Operations

by Ruvna

For your business office and human resources

5 Summer Tasks to Set your Development office up for Fall Success

by Our Fundraising Search

Summer Checklist: Supercharge your school's Accounts Payable

by Paymerang

Summer Checklist from Loop; Surveys and Automations

by Loop

Summer Checklist for School Photo Management

by Vidigami

Copier and Printer Fleet
Summer Checklist

by Revolution Office

Three Retirement Plan To-Dos

by New Pinnacle Consulting Group, a division of Pentegra

For your libraries and curriculum

3-2-1 Ways to Engage
Summer Reading

by TeachingBooks

End of Year Best Practices for Learning A-Z Account Management

by Learning A-Z

Two Critical Trends in Schools: Are you ready?

by Wise Education

Keeping Students Engaged this Summer

by Sora by Overdrive

Springy Cleaning: LibGuides

by Springshare

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Consortium Partners


For your technology

Finding the right Electronics Recycler

by Equip Recycle

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Susan curates the MISBO Purchasing Consortium by maintaining and enhancing current partner relationships and pursuing new partnerships based on the needs of our members. Susan educates and informs members of the benefits of utilizing the MISBO Purchasing Consortium. She facilitates communications with partners concerning contracts and product offerings and assists in providing optimal partner exposure. Susan has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an MBA with an emphasis in MIS, and a certificate in Social Media Marketing.