High Aesthetic Bins = Recycling Success

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High Aesthetic Bins = Recycling Success

Don’t Sacrifice Form For Function with Your Waste & Recycle Program

By Max-R

Starting and standardizing a recycling program can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! A successful program starts with the right waste and recycle bin, one that is intuitive for users and enhances your campus aesthetics.

Beautiful Bins Do Exist

Campus aesthetics are important. Your buildings and grounds are the first thing parents and students notice when they arrive on campus. Your recycling bin should pull double duty and not only help to keep your campus free of litter but enhance its surroundings. Beautiful bins matter. A waste and recycle bin that is designed to match your school’s brand standard and campus aesthetics, with a well-placed logo and clear signage, will look like an intentionally designed part of campus and communicate the importance you place on sustainability.

Good Looking and Effective

There are a few key elements of a waste and recycle bin that makes it intuitive for all users while maintaining the integrity of the design. First, combining waste and recycle into a single stream is imperative. You want to provide easy access to both waste and recycling to prevent stream contamination. Second, clearly worded labels and restrictive openings are key to quick and correct use. Clear labels tell users what goes where, but when language may be a barrier, restrictive openings are key. The restrictive openings provide a physical barrier to prevent items from being placed where they don’t belong. A round bottle cannot physically fit into a slot meant for paper. To ensure proper use of your waste and recycle bins, there are other factors that can be considered, such as eye-level messaging, color-coded tops, and door graphics/symbols to further distinguish between waste streams. Lastly, consider the future of your recycling program. Future proof your bins by utilizing interchangeable tops and graphics so that you can easily change streams when necessary.

What does your campus recycling program look like? Is sustainability an important factor in your student recruitment? Contact us today to find out how we’ve worked with MISBO schools to design a beautiful and effective waste and recycle solution for their campuses.

As the leading supplier of customized campus furnishings to the prep/independent school, college/university, and K-12 market, Max-R works with schools to outfit their campus with furnishings that meet both a functional and an aesthetic need. Whether you’re looking to start a recycling program, implement compost, or increase diversion rates, their team of experts will work with you to design a solution to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Max-R furnishings are made using the highest quality of recycled plastic available - reclaimed milk jugs. Every bin comes standard with its own unique milk jug number. That number tells the story of how many milk jugs were recycled to make it. Our bins not only support your sustainability program with a sustainable product - it's a learning opportunity for students, parents, and staff to see the impact they have when they recycle.