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The Change Process we use today runs the risk of creating mission and values drift among our stakeholders and the wider community that supports our school. There is an unprecedented demand right now for things that don't go together easily and we need to solve for many variables all at once. 

ExploProject Contacts

  • Ross Peters
    Ross Peters
    Managing Partner EXPLO Elevate
    Leader of the Pack
  • Damian Kavanagh
    Damian Kavanagh
    Ed.D., CAE President & CEO MISBO (404)921-3811
    Second set of hands
  • Dianne Sagaas
    Dianne Sagaas
    Director of Professional Development MISBO (404)921-3812
    The glue that makes it work

2023 MISBO + Explo Elevate Roster

  • Betsy Fanning
    Betsy Fanning
    Head of School Trident Academy (843)884-7046x111
    "Let It Be"
  • Erik Kreutner
    Erik Kreutner
    Director of Admissions Trident Academy (843)884-7046
  • Jennifer Mayser
    Jennifer Mayser
    Business Manager Trident Academy (843)884-7046
    "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  • Paul Horgan
    Paul Horgan
    Head of School Hilton Head Preparatory School (843)671-2286
    "Changes in Latitude"
  • Cleteus Smith
    Cleteus Smith
    Head of Lower & Middle School Hilton Head Preparatory School (843)671-2286
  • Margot Brown
    Margot Brown
    Director of Development & Finance Hilton Head Preparatory School (843)715-8506
  • Tina Webb-Browning
    Tina Webb-Browning
    Head of Upper School Hilton Head Preparatory School (843)671-2286
  • Penny Rowe
    Penny Rowe
    Director of Finance & HR Westchester Country Day School (336)822-4022
  • Allison Albert
    Allison Albert
    Upper School English Teacher/Academic Dean Westchester Country Day School (336)869-2128
    "Knee Deep"
  • Kerie Beth Scott
    Kerie Beth Scott
    Director of Admissions Westchester Country Day School (336)869-2128
    "You're the One That I want"
  • Mary Keever
    Mary Keever
    Interim Head of School Westchester Country Day School (336)869-2128
    New Kid on the Block