MISBO + Explo elevate project: 2, 5, 10

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Are you struggling to balance financial stability, high-quality education, and increased community engagement in your independent school? Look no further! The Explo Elevate 2, 5, 10 process is your solution. This strategic thinking and planning process empowers schools to tackle their daily challenges and aligns seamlessly with the accreditation process.

Join MISBO for the second year as we partner with the global innovative schools cooperative Explo Elevate. The first cohort achieved remarkable success, and we're excited to continue this journey with you!

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  • The independent school industry was challenged for years by shrinking enrollment and tuition rates increasing faster than inflation - the recession of a decade ago exasperated these challenges. The COVID world is experiencing costs of goods and services that are flummoxed by supply chain issues and new record inflation.  
  • Financial aid funding on average has increased by about 50% as schools have used these resources to keep enrollment at higher levels.
  • For the vast majority of independent schools, the business model depends upon gracious annual giving from a small group of donors, most of whom are already paying full tuition. Most schools do not charge tuition at the cost to educate a student.
  • Add to this a fast-paced demand to innovate and change our approach to education, dramatic growth in charter schools, home-schooling, virtual education, and for-profit independent schools, quiet quitting and the need for new salary and benefits models and our schools must find new methods to operate to be both sustainable and relevant for the future.
  • For at least the past two decades many independent school associations and individual schools (with their boards) have addressed these issues. Some have made progress, but most are still operating in the same manner they have for years.
  • The goal of this project is to challenge the status quo and help independent schools take action toward a transformational future.
Explo Elevate is a world-class firm known for its ability to help schools revolutionize their approach to problem-solving. We chose Explo Elevate due to their profound understanding of independent school culture and their commitment to turning ideas into actions. Plus, their collaborative and engaging approach makes working with them an absolute joy.
Explo Elevate has a proven track record of successfully guiding schools through complex challenges in the independent school sector. They understand the delicate balance between financial stability, educational excellence, and community engagement – areas we've always been passionate about.
Our commitment to collaboration remains unwavering. We believe in the power of working together, as it has been the cornerstone of MISBO since its inception. Our past partnership with IDEO was a resounding success, and this year marks our second collaboration with Explo Elevate.

By adopting a cohort model, we tap into the collective wisdom of the group, keeping costs in check without compromising quality. Traditional strategic planning can cost $50,000 - $100,000, but through our negotiations, we've secured a discount of 80%-90%, ensuring you receive a high-quality experience with personal attention.

Join us on this transformative journey with Explo Elevate and be part of a community that believes in the power of collaboration and innovation.

The timeline is designed to be compact and although the impact will last years, the project starts and concludes within a single semester. 

    • The cohort converges at an in person retreat in Atlanta February 2-4, 2024 to learn the methodology in "train the trainers" workshops and begin to apply the lessons through shared problem solving.
    • The cohort diverges throughout the spring into your own schools with the guidance of Ross Peters, Managing Partner at Explo and Damian Kavanagh, President of MISBO.
    • The cohort converges again in the late spring virtually to share out and act as critical friends.
    • After the spring session, you will also receive accountability assistance documenting your experience for accreditation if appropriate and for your community. 

The cost of the project is a flat fee and all schools pay the same amount. The fee covers room and board for three people at the kickoff event in Atlanta in January (transportation to the event is at your school's expense), materials and consulting costs during the project, assistance with documenting the process for your community and/or for your accreditation process as necessary. Some schools in the past have elected to bring a fourth person at their expense. While what we have put together is enough, we recognize that some schools may want even more and so we have negotiated a fixed price for additional services that are available directly from Explo Elevate. The project costs $11,500 per school and the extra services, if you choose to receive them (and you don't have to decide now) is $3,500. 

This project is for schools of all sizes who are ready for change and change management. We think the best people to attend the kickoff in Atlanta are senior leaders on the academic and operations side of the house: head of school, academic leader, and CFO or COO. We suggest a three person team per school. Our experience with other projects tells us that committed leaders will get the most out of this.

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Our most recent webinar about Explo Elevate provided a taste of what you can expect. 

ExploProject Contacts

  • Ross Peters
    Ross Peters
    Managing Partner EXPLO Elevate
    Leader of the Pack
  • Damian Kavanagh
    Damian Kavanagh
    Ed.D., CAE President & CEO MISBO (404)921-3811
    Second set of hands
  • Dianne Sagaas
    Dianne Sagaas
    Director of Professional Development MISBO (404)921-3812
    The glue that makes it work