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DER Ordering Portal

Ordering season is here! 

Now is the time to begin to window shop, scout prices for budgeting, and even begin to build your Digital Educational Resource cart for the 2024-2025 school year!

Check out the "Buy Again" tab to make your life easier!

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Did you know. . . MISBO's order portal NEVER closes. You can order all year long. And, what's great, is we'll get the best prorated pricing for you if you purchase partway through the year! 

Sora / Overdrive

SOra/Overdrive is a misbo partner

If you are interested in purchasing Sora/Overdrive through MISBO or if you're looking to renew your subscription, please reach out to Lindsay Crist Lawson at Sora/Overdrive directly. 

Email Lindsay

free der trials

Did you know . . . 

MISBO has a whole page dedicated to free trial that our partners are offering? 

Check out which partners you can try for free!

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New Consortium partners

New Consortium partners

Learning Explorer provides ScootPad, the K-8 adaptive learning platform for math and ELA that meets students exactly where they are with the right level of practice, instruction, scaffolding, and assessment to ensure they master every concept. ScootPad will automatically detect knowledge gaps in real-time and scaffold learning to prerequisite skills (at or below grade level) to help each student catch up on exactly what they need to move ahead.Start saving your precious classroom time. Leverage ScootPad to do the heavy lifting of delivering continuously personalized enrichment, scaffolding, and mastery to every student.

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Consortium Highlights

Changing The Script...

...on using movies in the classroom. Click the button below to see a demo of how Swank's streaming library provides educators with the movies they need, while offering admins more visibility and control over movie usage. Plus, get an exclusive preview of our AI lesson assistant. 

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Set your students on a path of independent practice with the new, self-paced Explore Zone available in Foundations A-Z. In the Explore Zone, students can review and practice all foundational skills by watching videos, playing games, and reading grade-level books to unlock levels and explore new missions. You can also enrich small group time with the new Phonics Skill Packs in Foundations A-Z. These packs allow you to tailor phonics instruction by individual skill, providing expertly curated resources such as decodable books, practice sheets, and videos. 

Take a 14-day free trial today to explore how you can boost independent practice and small group time in your classroom.

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Individualized learning paths boost student proficiency in ELA & math

Mastery Learning Academy director Sabrina Reynolds relies on ScootPad to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses, individualize each learning path, and offer engaging practice, remediation, and enrichment for every student. Read the Mastery story here:

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animalSora Bursts! Summer PD Series - Registration open

While you debrief and think about the year ahead, we invite you to participate in Sora Bursts this summer! Sora Bursts is a professional development opportunity that will help you expand the reach of your Sora library in the 2024-25 school year.

Register Today

a drawing of a hand New! Early Childhood Resources and Activities

Discover early literacy resources on TeachingBooks to enhance your reading instruction! See From this page you can browse our newly curated popular picture books and early reader collections that immerse readers with rich literature and opportunities to practice words beyond a decodable setting. And, explore exclusive printable activity sheets for additional phonetic skill practice.

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logo, company name Empower Students To Discover History

EBSCO’s magazine archives and historical digital archive databases add important historical context to research and are a great way to take advantage of one-time funds.

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logo, company name Upcoming Conferences 

The next few months promise to be equally exciting! Here are some of the places you can catch up with us in person:

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Dive Into How Inventions Changed Our World And Our Lives

Inspire your students to find out about the work of inventors - how thinkers and tinkerers solve problems, improve lives, and shape society through innovation. 

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Updated Buyer's Guide


A school’s purchasing program should be grounded in the tenets of the school’s mission and values. For over 40 years MISBO has built the most complete consortium that exists with a foundation dedicated exclusively to independent schools.

Through this network, we continue the tradition of finding solutions to today’s problems and anticipating tomorrow’s needs. You should have received a copy in your school's mailbox.

Please feel free to order a few extra by clicking below - they're FREE! 

Get Your Copy

We've updated the digital Buyer's Guide! If you'd like a hard copy, you can download/print the addendum by clicking below. 

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Helpful Resources

MISBO has created a quick and easy way to view your Digital Educational Resource partners! Click the image below and see which partners you may be missing out on! 


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Consortium Hot Topics blog

steamlining After-Hours Events in independent schools:

The power of event management solutions

By Brad Hunter, OperationsHero

"November 5, 2024, will be a very important day in U.S. history. Voters in the United States will go to the polls to cast ballots in elections on the federal, state, and local levels—including for president and Congress—and, in doing so, will help decide the nation’s future. Even before then, voters will choose the party nominees through the primary and caucus contests that will get under way in early 2024."

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MISBO Blog by Susan

Summer Lovin': Refresh and renew your campus this summer

by Susan Kimmel

As the spring sun morphs into glaring summer beams, it’s time for a little summer lovin’ for the campus and its dedicated staff and faculty at independent schools. Facilities staff turn into magical beings wielding power washers and paintbrushes, turning dull surfaces into works of art. Technology departments embark on a quest to refresh servers and renew software faster than you can say "Ctrl+Alt+Del." The business office balances budgets with the precision of a tightrope walker and creates graphs worthy of a Fields Medal! And let's not forget about human resources, where the summer months are a whirlwind of activity as they refresh their strategies for recruiting and retaining staff, all while rewriting policies and creating the perfect employee handbook.

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