About Brenda:

  • Experience: 4 years in independent schools; 13 years as a CPA in a local firm.
  • Personal: parent of 2 (5th grader and 12th grader)
  • Community: Board Member local cancer non-profit, advisor to children’s museum, soccer coach
  • Likes: Fishing (i.e. fishing for money) and anything green
  • Dislikes: The color red

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What's a self-funded captive?

The MISBO/ISBC Health Insurance Program makes everyone scratch their heads just a bit - it is not your traditional plan. Watch the video below to hear more about how it works, and then decide if it might be an opportunity for your school!

School Specialty

Do you know who School Specialty is? They've spent years building our their company to be the ultimate education partner. They've grown their product and service offerings and increased their size and buying power to make purchasing more efficient for you. They've built a carefully curated stable of specialty brands that provide innovative, best-in-class products and services designed to address the needs of your students. They've invested heavily in creating curriculum and other educational content to help you apply new thinking and trends in education.

Doesn't it sound like it's worth just a minute to find out more? Follow this link to learn about School Specialty!

School Box

Did you know there's a solution to the back to school supply headache? And the same offer can also provide your school an alternative revenue stream! School Box carries a full line of educational products for Pre-K through high school. These products include art supplies, office supplies, classroom carpets, educational toys and games, classroom furniture, along with resource books and decor for all grade levels. The School Box utilizes a state of the art distribution center in fulfillment of orders from customers across the country.

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