Tuition Remission Policies and White Paper

Posted By: Michelle Shea News & Updates,

It is common at this time of year to hear a lot of questions about tuition remission policies at independent schools. MISBO has polled our member schools and compiled a list of anonymous responses that provides a wide breadth of the different options currently being offered.  Also included with those responses is a white paper about tuition remission.  The authors of that paper are included at the end of the document.

The purpose of the white paper is to provide an overview of things to consider when creating or reviewing a school’s remission policy. It does not make a recommendation for or against remission. What is best for your school may be different for others.  Make sure you keep these statements in mind during your research:

  • What will serve the school best is to define its community values and respond to them with an appropriate policy.
  • The timeless question that must be applied to all strategic issues – does this allocation of resources support the school’s mission?

MISBO Tuition Remission Policies and White Paper