Consortium Partner Webinar: SchoolDoc's Health Record & COVID-19 Screening

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

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Join us on Tuesday, July 28 for an introduction to new MISBO partner, SchoolDoc, with Philip Jeffrey and Dr. Michael Ambrose. Philip and Michael will introduce you to the leading Electronic Health Record for schools and give a quick demonstration on a range of features including a new COVID-19 screening tool, student form collection, immunization, allergy, and medication management, and more. We will also cover the suite of health and safety services that SchoolDoc offers beyond their Electronic Health Record software.

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Michael AmbroseMichael Ambrose is the founder and CEO of SchoolDoc. Michael graduated from the University of Michigan medical school and is a practicing emergency room pediatrician. He has published several studies on children's health and recently authored the American Academy of Pediatrics statement on Improving Health and Safety at Camp.

Philip JeffreyPhilip Jeffrey has over a decade of experience working with schools in different consulting roles. As a seasoned expert in the educational sector, he is adept at creating relationships with C-level directors, front office staff and finance directors. In his current role as SchoolDoc Sales Manager, his focus is on developing customized solutions to streamline health data collection and reporting with a portfolio focus on boarding schools, independent day schools, and public school districts.

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