FAculty Resources

2021 Workshop for New Business OFficers

Below you will find resources for your role as a faculty member.
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Links to Join Meeting
Monday - https://misbo.zoom.us/j/86334179345
Tuesday - https://misbo.zoom.us/j/88301028917
Tuesday Social Hour - https://misbo.zoom.us/s/86397570824
Wednesday - https://misbo.zoom.us/j/86233639903

Faculty Instructions
Read all about your presentation, timing, slides, Zoom tips, etc.
*Note: Please prepare 2-3 questions to ask the audience, to get conversation started (thought-provoking, make it easy to chime in, “give an example of…” ) 

PowerPoint Presentation Template
Please use this template for your slides.

Presentation File Upload
Upload your presentation or email to lindsaycuppia@misbo.com by Friday, June 18.
Presentations will be shared with attendees after the event, and will be made available to other MISBO members after 60 days. (If anything from your presentation is proprietary or unable to be shared, we can help you with how to proceed.)

Event Information & Schedule
Review the agenda and learn more about the event overall.

Promotional Toolkit
Use these sample emails, tweets, LinkedIn posts, etc. to help spread the word for a successful event!

Zoom Presenter Reference Guide
New to presenting via Zoom? Use the reference guide provided here.

Let us know how we can help!

MISBO Events Contacts

Dianne Sagaas
Dianne Sagaas
Director of Professional Development MISBO (404)921-3812
Director of Professional Development
Lindsay Cuppia
Lindsay Cuppia
Program and Event Manager MISBO (404)921-3810
Program and Event Manager