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CLCD, LLC (Children's Literature Comprehensive Database)

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CLCD’s PreK-12 Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database is the most reliable, comprehensive, broad, and deep resource for finding PreK-12 children’s books and media. What makes CLCD different from other children’s literature resources is that the service combines the largest title database with a variety of professional and value-added content for each book including multiple features that enhance your discovery process. These elements are used in each CLCD product that offer many search options, from simple to advanced allowing the professional to drill down into the database with comprehensive results. Today’s schools and libraries are faced with book challenges and legislation requiring better oversight of their collections. The CLCD products are ideal for addressing these new challenges and providing a more effective resource for improving your collection development program. The turnkey, Class-Shelf Plus is CLCD’s latest product that addresses the need for automating your teacher’s classroom collections.

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