Board Nominations

The MISBO Board of Directors is issuing a call for nominations for new board directors whose term will officially begin July 1, 2024. The term is for four years and potential candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by others. The number of available positions varies in any given year. The MISBO Governance Committee will review submissions, check references, speak with candidates, and make recommendations to the board by Thursday, April 11, 2024. 

The deadline for submitting nominations is Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

About the MISBO Board:

The MISBO board addresses its fiduciary and strategic responsibilities led by the board chair and three additional board officers, a vice-chair, a treasurer, and a secretary. Currently, MISBO has three standing committees: Finance, Governance, and Emerging Issues and Solutions, as well as periodic advisory task force groups.

The full board typically meets in person two to three times per year with two to three additional virtual meetings. Each director is also assigned to a board committee which meets approximately three times per year, always virtually.

Board Profile:

The MISBO bylaws provide for greater board diversity in terms of geographic distribution as well as school position. Our directors typically come from the following roles at member schools: Business Officers, Heads of School, Human Resources Directors, Technology Leaders, and Facilities Professionals. Additionally, MISBO is looking for diversity in the type of school: large/small, boarding/day, urban/rural, etc.

Candidate selection criteria include the following:

  • Active supporter of MISBO
  • Thought leadership in independent school education, finance, and operations
  • Ability to assist MISBO staff in identifying the challenges faced by independent schools
  • Prior non-profit/association board experience
  • Marketing expertise
  • Technology expertise
  • Human Resources expertise
  • Accounting/financial expertise
  • Legal expertise
  • Physical plant management expertise
  • Educational leadership expertise

In addition to the criteria above, potential board members must meet these expectations. All candidates should read and affirm they can live up to the board's expectations before submitting an application.

Candidate Nomination Process:

If you know a MISBO member school employee who fits the board profile stated above and may have the interest and time to devote to MISBO board membership, please complete the MISBO Board Candidate Questionnaire form below. Potential candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. The MISBO Board Candidate Questionnaire needs to be completed in either case. Those nominating another person should discuss this with the potential candidate prior to nomination to determine the person’s willingness and ability to serve.

Please feel free to contact Damian Kavanagh, MISBO President, at or 404.918.8850 at any time with questions about the process.

Please note that all nominations will require support and a reference from the nominee’s direct supervisor at their school.

Nominations for the 24-25 school year are closed. 

2023-24 MISBO Executive Committee

Anita Pittman
Anita Pittman
Director of Human Resources Carrollwood Day School (813)920-2288x435
Charles Maumus
Charles Maumus
Asst. Head of School for Finance and Operations Harding Academy (615)387-6325
Alan Stob
Alan Stob
Chief Financial Officer/Head of Evert Campus Grandview Preparatory School (561)416-9737x1316
Paul Ibsen
Paul Ibsen
Former Assistant Head of School (704)607-4294
Richard Swindell
Richard Swindell
Director of Business Operations Sidwell Friends School (703)622-8018
Past Chair
Laura Turner
Laura Turner
Associate Head of School for Finance & Operations Franklin Road Academy (615)369-4500
Past Chair
Dave Michelman
Dave Michelman
Former Head of School at Duke School (919)493-1827
EIS Chair