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Shorecrest Preparatory School

St. Petersburg, FL


The Registrar is responsible for all academic record keeping and management of student information system. 

Essential Functions

  • Establish and maintain permanent student records including enrollment, academic, personal and withdrawal information;
  • Maintain accurate data and information regarding current and new students including grades, credits, test scores, attendance, and other student information;
  • Responsible for creating master course schedule, monitoring/updating master schedule information, and working with divisions in scheduling students;
  • Coordinate with Admissions and Business Office the processing of reenrollment contracts, updating of student records and emailing reenrollment acceptance letters to families.
  • Register new students; request records and transcripts for new students from previous schools; evaluate transcripts received from other schools to determine student placement; generate and distribute records, transcripts and other student information to faculty, staff and administrators;
  • Track student graduation requirements and work collaboratively with faculty, school administration and college counseling in the production and dissemination of report cards and transcripts for all students;
  • Coordinate with the Admission, Business Office, and Advancement Office the processing of the year-end rollover and new academic year change/update of student database records to ensure that records reflect the proper graduation, grade level, matriculation status of all students, and the records/notices of withdrawal of students;
  • Compile information and prepare and maintain a variety of data, records, and reports related to students, testing, grades, eligibility, transcripts, school directory, and the master schedule;
  • Coordinate, prepare, and distribute electronic mailings to students, parents, and other community members as needed;
  • Create presentations for Head of School and other administrators, as requested;
  • Performs other duties as assigned

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Donna Novell


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