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Fugees Academy

Columbus, OH

Middle School Social Studies/General Science Teacher

Fugees Academy – Columbus needs teachers who are innovative, passionate, able to take feedback, and willing to reflect, assess and alter their teaching to best meet the needs of our students. We are hiring a full time middle school** social studies/general science teacher for the 2019-2020 school year.

Fugees Family, Inc. is a non-profit organization and operator of Fugees Academy, a network of independent, community-based middle and high schools which emphasize academic and character development of refugee children. Our student body represents 22 different countries, including Burundi, Iraq, Central African Republic, and Burma. The Fugees Academy blends creative teaching with academic fundamentals, interwoven with leadership and character building. The Fugees Academy packs a normal K-8 education into three years of middle school so that students are then ready for a college preparatory curriculum in high school. 

The Fugees Academy serves a pressing need that is not currently being met by the traditional public education system – the education of refugee children in an environment where their unique academic challenges are understood. Through small classes, high expectations, and targeted instruction, Fugees Academy empowers the most vulnerable of students–child survivors of war—to become independent thinkers and high-achieving scholars. Working as a team both on and off the field, members of the Fugees Academy community strive to support each other while working to achieve individual goals. We believe that this team mind-set nurtures and prepares young adults who will be the next generation of international and community leaders. The core design principles of the school include an extended school day, a low teacher- student-ratio, interactive instruction, a comprehensive tutoring program, a soccer-focused athletic program, and intensive wrap-around support services for students and their families.

The organization has a school located in Clarkston, Georgia operating as a private school, and a new school that opened in the fall of 2018 located in Columbus, Ohio, operating as a nonpublic charter school. In the next few years, it is the intention of the organization to continue to grow and open Fugees schools across the nation to serve the needs of the refugee population. Click here for a full description.

Interested candidates should review our website www.fugeesfamily.org to ensure their professional goals and educational philosophy align with The Fugees Academy. Please send your resume and cover letter to Head of School, Luma Mufleh, at jobs@fugeesacademy.org. Be sure to indicate which position you are applying for. Candidates with less than two years of full-time teaching experience will not be considered. Email is the preferred mode of communication – no phone calls please.





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