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Ensworth School

Nashville, TN

Middle School Math Teacher

Ensworth is now accepting applications for an energetic, experienced, and community oriented Middle School Mathematics Teacher for the 2019-20 school year. This is a 10-month faculty position reporting to the Head of Middle School and Math Department Chair. Qualified candidates will have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. Prior teaching experience is required. 

The Middle School math curriculum is a traditional program where teachers assist students in the transition from concrete to abstract thinking.  Critical thinking and problem solving are fundamental to the study and development of all concepts. In 6th grade, students work towards mastery of basic operations of fractions and decimals and are introduced to the pre-algebra topics of integers, ratios, proportions, and percent. In 7th grade, the graphing calculator is introduced, and students study pre-algebra, focusing on the mastery of operations within the set of real numbers and developing a deeper understanding of proportional relationships, plane and solid Geometry, percent, and statistics. In 8th grade, most students study Algebra I where basic concepts are presented including solving, graphing, and writing linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, polynomial operations and factoring, systems, and rational expressions. Algebra I is also offered to 7 grade students demonstrating readiness. In each grade, an honors-level course is offered.


Qualified candidates should complete an online application for employment at https://www.ensworth.com/page/explore/careers- and please submit a resume and cover letter.



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