Interstate Transportation

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Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Florida, recently received their new Thomas C2 school bus from Interstate Transportation.

Dave Sharlow, Operations Director at Shorecrest had this to say about his experience using MISBO’s contract with Interstate Transportation:

“I wanted to express to anyone who is thinking about buying a new school or event bus to definitely consider Interstate Transportation Equipment Company in their bidding process. ITEC is a MISBO vendor and is a great company to deal with. In 2007 we bought a 30 passenger Thomas School Bus through them and earlier this year bought a 2013, 45 passenger Freightliner / Thomas School Bus. Todd Manuel, our salesperson, was great to work with as he expedited a quote, sales order and delivery.  I have found their products, sales and service to be superior to other brands of buses that we considered.  Just last month one of our 65 passenger 1989 diesel buses blew the engine and we were faced with replacing or finding funding. Todd again expedited the necessary information needed to approach our Board for emergency funding.  The MISBO discount helped us be able to also include storage compartments under the bus which will handle the athletic bags of our football, baseball and soccer teams. Thanks to MISBO and their vendor services for recommending ITEC which we found a pleasure to work with.”