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Grils Preparatory School

Chattanooga, TN

Dance Teacher and Assistant Director of Terpsichord


The candidate for this position will be expected to design and maintain a class environment favorable to girls’ academic and personal growth and to establish effective rapport with students while maintaining proper classroom management.  The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about teaching girls at different grade levels and adjusting classroom management skills accordingly.  They will work within a team setting of shared ideas and constructive feedback in a collaborative manner.  Daily instructional plans should demonstrate knowledge of best practice in differentiated instruction and implement 21st-century pedagogical approaches, encouraging student-led inquiry and creative critical thinking. 

The ideal candidate will demonstrate an educational and academic background in varying types of dance with a specialty in Modern Dance.  Additionally, they will also have experience in designing a dance curriculum with interdisciplinary connections. 

This position is part-time (non-benefits eligible) with the potential for the ideal candidate to take on additional roles or duties at the school in order to receive full health care benefits. Click here for a full description.

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Deborah Smith


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