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MISBO Vendor resource page

from the Desk of the Jay Danielson, Director of Vendor Relations:

Thank you for being awesome!  This page is a resource to you as a valued MISBO vendor.  MISBO very much values the service and support you provide to our member schools and MISBO as an association.  Our goal is to help introduce each of our MISBO vendors as a resource for our members in helping them fulfill their missions and ultimately deliver exceptional value to enrich learning.

 On this page we hope you will find useful information on sponsorship opportunities, FAQ’s, marketing opportunities, MISBO contact information and more.  We encourage you to visit this page often for updates.  We also encourage you to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available and allow us to help you build relationships with our members.  As always please feel free to reach out to the MISBO staff with any questions or suggestions on how we can better work together.

 Thank you – Jay Danielson, Director, Vendor Relations

Upcoming Sponsorshp Opportunities

 Please contact Dianne Sagaas at diannesagaas@misbo.com for more information.

 The MISBO Facilities Conference

 January 27 & 28, 2019 Orlando, FL

 Attendee Profile: 

  • Facilities/Operations Directors
  • Facilities Managers
  • Facilities Support Staff
  • Business Officers

 Click here to see the  Sponsorship Grid

 Auxiliary Program Coordinators Conference*

 January 27-29, 2019 Nashville, TN

 Attendee Profile: 

  • Camp Directors
  • After School Directors
  • Summer Programs Directors
  • Facilities Director

  Sponsorship Grid - COMING SOON!

 Finance Institute*

 january 27-29 Nashville, tn

 Attendee Profile: 

  • Business Officers & Staff
  • Head of School

 Sponsorship Grid - COMING SOON!

New Schools

  Lowell School, Washington, DC

  The O'Neal School, Southern Pines, NC

Monthly Updates to Contacts

Monthly Updates to Contacts

(digital resources ventors)

I'm a new vendor - now what?

  • Make sure Attachment B from the contract is completed and sent to Jay Danielson at jaydanielson@misbo.com as soon as possible.  This information is used to create the vendor page on MISBO.com
  • Schedule your MISBO Video Interview with Jay Danielson.  If you are a digital resources vendor, please contact Susan Flanagan to schedule your video.  This video will be featured on your password protected vendor site and is a simple interview-style introductory video recorded online over Zoom Meetings.
  • Send promotional material to Susan Flanagan at susanflanagan@misbo.com.  This promotional material will be highlighted on your password protected vendor site and affinity group website.
  • Please check your MISBO website at www.misbo.com/vendors to make sure the information is accurate and correct.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I submit a proposal for the MISBO Webinar Series?

MISBO is accepting presentation proposals for future series. Please contact Dianne Sagaas for dates and additional information. If you have questions regarding our webinar series, contact Dianne at diannesagaas@misbo.com or at 404-921-3812.

Can I host my own sales webinar?

In place of vendor hosted webinars, MISBO has started new Meet & Greet, MISBO hosted online Zoom meetings, targetting schools that meet specific profiles for your product or service.  Please contact Jay or Susan to learn more and schedule yours!

Why aren't emails on the monthly contact spreadsheet?

Where can I find the MISBO Vendor Logo to co-brand my promotional material?

Click here to get the link to the MISBO Logos.  MISBO Vendor Logo

Marketing Specifications:

MISBO Marketing Specifications

Who to Contact:

Jay Danielson 

Director, Vendor Relations



Susan Flanagan

Vendor & Member Engagement Manager



Cheryl Goode

IT/Database Manager



Jean Horn

Accounting Manager