Photo of Mount Paran Christian School

Mount Paran Christian School


Organization Overview

PK3-12 Covenantal Christian School located in Kennesaw, Georgia, serving 1,187 students. Providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment, Mount Paran Christian School unites with church and home to prepare servant leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in Truth.
Janet Fulbright
Janet Fulbright Director of Business and Finance
Ann Fox
Ann Fox HR Specialist
Bonnie Stephens HS Science Chair
Brad Smith HS Science Teacher
Bruce Harding Systems Administrator
Cary Brague Director of Arts
Catina Taliaferro Director of Diversity
Chris Kahley Instructional Technology Specialist
Courtney Barbito
Courtney Barbito Director of Auxiliary and Volunteer Services
David Tilley EdD Interim Head of School
Jessica Davis Assistant Director of Summer Programs
Jodee Foster
Jodee Foster Director of Human Resources
Joe Cordero
Joe Cordero IT Director
John Sess
John Sess Director of Operations
Julie Baute Nurse
Julie Ray
Julie Ray Chief Financial Officer
Kathleen McCooK
Kathleen McCooK Chief of Staff
Kathy Bridges Media Specialist
Kelly Wood IT Staff
Kerrie Thigpen
Kerrie Thigpen Business Office
Kevin Smith CFO
Kimberly Underwood Substitute Coordinator
Kristy Hubbard Assistant Comptroller and Student Accounts Manager
LeAnne Galloway IT Staff
Margie Rowan Purchasing Specialist
Michellee Thompson Summer Programs Manager
Penny Harrison Head of Preschool
Randi Terry Academic Technology Specialist
Raymond Maxwell Transportation Coordinator
Sam Little Information Technology Operational Specialist
Sandy Hamilton HS Science Teacher
Scott Varner Assistant Director of Operations
Stephanie Dunn Director of Admission
Steve Bohlmann Academic Dean
Suan Logan Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist
Tawanna Rusk Assistant Head/High School Head
Tiffany Westbrook Director of Marketing and Communications
Tim Kyber IT Staff
Tina Baker Assistant Head of Lower School
Tina Cantwell Executive Assistant
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