maximize your misbo benefits

three things to HELP YOU get more out of YOUR MISBO MEMBERSHIP

Update your faculty handbook to include the Ethics of Purchasing as the basis for your purchasing policies. Whether you have centralized or decentralized buying, ethical practices should be aligned with your mission and help enhance your reputation. MISBO is happy to help you create and implement policy and train faculty and staff in their role in the sustainability of the school. The way you represent yourself to your community may be one of the most important things you can do to help people form a great opinion.
Anticipate needs and involve MISBO early. We have nearly half a century of experience helping schools with building projects, FF&E, outfitting STEM labs, and redesigning spaces (among many other things). It is an excellent idea to contact us early in a building process for help with modular units, furniture, bookshelves, locker units, flooring, architects, etc., etc.
Search the MISBO Consortium Partner directory to find best pricing on all your school’s needs from pencils to school buses. We can help facilitate quotes or do a price comparison for you as well. Take advantage of the professional development in the webinars, conferences, and the very robust list-servs. This is the bread and butter of how MISBO helps you get better at your job.