Organization Overview

Meteor Education leads in crafting collaborative learning environments that fuel student engagement. Our approach integrates local teams, education specialists, and design experts to create dynamic classrooms empowering future-ready students. We offer comprehensive teacher training and tools for districts to measure impact. With 30 years of experience and partnerships with over 1,000 districts, we've impacted
185,000 students. Partnering with 150+ manufacturers, we excel in classroom and school renovations, and new constructions.

Member Discount

Meteor Education provides furnishings and interior design services for all learning spaces, offering options from over 150 manufacturers at tiered discount pricing. Available through MISBO contract #5115, we provide furniture, installation services, design, and professional development to create cost-effective, future-ready educational environments.
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Pam Dempsey Director of Partnerships
Larry Metsch Managing Director
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Areas of Expertise
Furniture, School Supplies & Equipment