Become a vendor

A prospective vendor will only be considered if:

  • The vendor offers a product or service that will be of value to at least 10% of the membership
  • The vendor offers products or services that are either unique or better than existing vendors’ products or services.

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Once we have received this information, we will start our research as to the needs and requirements of our membership, current MISBO coverage of this product/service, and overall value. During this evaluation, we may contact you further for additional information.

MISBO has sourced from and partnered with only the highest quality vendors. MISBO has adopted a streamlined purchasing process as outlined in our 4-step procurement process:


MISBO continually confers with its member base during the year through various meetings, conferences, affinity groups for suggestions of their purchasing needs.


Constant research helps us develop the best approach for each offering. Some industries lend themselves to an invitation for a manufacturer’s response because a single manufacturer provides a complete industry solution through a number of authorized dealers. Other industries lend themselves to an invitation for a distributor because individual distributors provide complete industry solutions as representative for a large number of manufacturers.


  • Provide quality goods and/or services to MISBO member schools providing savings or additional benefits individual schools could not achieve on their own.
  • Provide approved co-branded marketing materials.
  • Provide an approved business plan.
  • Maintain a current point of contact that will be responsible for MISBO contract and performance metrics.
    Provide prompt vendor volume reports and fees.
  • Ensure all vendor personnel required to service MISBO members clearly understand the agreement and promote the value of MISBO.
  • Provide timely updates on the availability of new products or services, obstacles or issues that may affect quality, service levels or pricing.
  • Participate, when possible, in MISBO sponsored events and/or conferences.


  • Provide member school contact information with monthly updates via e-mail to designated contact.
  • Periodically visit member schools and conduct regional meetings to promote vendors and contracts.
  • Promote individual contracts through targeted group e-mail blasts.
  • Post approved product demo links.
  • Provide a website presence (public) with password protected contract terms and pricing.
  • Promote vendor hosted, approved product demonstration and educational webinars.